Twitch Plays Cello (Collaboration with Jonathan Willing)

 The performance will be decided and manipulated entirely by the audience. Viewers will have the option to input requests of what notes to play and adjust the tempo up or down by whichever has the majority of votes during that period of time. The audience will get to hear their input played on the cello, see the changes they make and experience what might just be chaos.

The program will display text based on the input it receives, displaying a series of chords to play as well as the current tempo the notes will change for the performer.

The members of the Twitch Chat will type a command in the chat, for example “1A”. “1” being the type of note, such as a quarter note and “A” being the chord being played. These commands will be put into a measure as they are received, which the cellist can then play until the next measure generated by the chat appears in the order its created. After the measures are created the chat can then select it to be put into the queue to be played by entering the corresponding number to the measure.

Members of the audience would see their input towards the piece, which the performer will play, and hear what they have created.

This piece can be played in a traditional setting. The only difference is the audience’s involvement.

Rather than a traditional cello performance, where the musician is playing a piece of music for the audience, the audience is creating the piece live for the musician to play.
This piece can be played by any instrument, given the correct input – Live example of audience participation.


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